How to remove tattoos in Photoshop

By | August 10, 2015

How to remove tattoos using Photoshop ? I will show how to remove a tattoo in Photohsop. You have a tattoo in body, you’re uncomfortable with them. You can remove tattoo naturally at home (…). But using Photoshop is very fastly and easily (just for photo). In this Photoshop tutorials, I have tested in Photoshop Cs6 and Photoshop CC. ( I’m sorry for my English )

In the last post, I wrote about How to add a tattoo to body :

How to make tattoo on body with Photoshop CS6
Making a tattoo with Photoshop

How to Remove a Tattoo from a Photo Using Photoshop ? ( My product )

How to remove tattoos in Photoshop

How to remove tattoos in Photoshop using Brush tool

Step 1 : Open photo in Photohsop ( Right click on photo => Open => Choose program Photoshop CC 6 or Photoshop CC)

Step 2 : Right click on Background Layer => Duplicate Layer . We will edit on new layer is “Background copy” layer. Because when We edit, We can make mistake on Background layer so that We should create “Background copy” layer.

Duplicate Background layer

Duplicate Background layer

Turn off background layer by clicking on eye icon on Background layer ( indicates layer visibility )

Step 3: Right click on Patch tool => Choose Patch tool ( You can press “J” hot key )

path tool

Path tool

Using mouse cricle the tattoo then press “delete” key

Circle tattoo

Circle tattoo

delete tattoo in photoshop

Delete tattoo in photoshop

We repeat this action for all tattoos

delete all tattoo

Delete all tattoo

Step 4 : Duplicate “Background copy” layer, we have new layer “Background copy 2” and turn off “Background copy” layer ( Press D key )

Using Patch Tool cricle the tattoo is deleted then hold and drag mouse to good skin area

path tool to get good skin

path tool to get good skin

repeat for other erea. We have a photo without tattoo.


Step 5: Make smooth skin

Go Filter menu => Noise => Median => Radius : 3 pixels => OK

You can see detail in the post : How to remove acne and smooth skin in Photoshop CS6

Using spot healing brush tool to adjust color skin

spot healing brush tool

Spot healing brush tool

We have a cricle mouse => Click on “bad skin color”

My Product

remove tattoo on body

remove tattoo on body

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