Remove a Person From a Photo in Photoshop CC vs Cs6

By | December 8, 2015

How to Remove a Person From a Photo in Photoshop? Photoshop is a well-known tool for editing photos, of which detaching human body out of the photo is processed professionally, so you can have beautiful, impressive and distinct photos. Or when you have a photo with friends, but for some reasons you want to detach your body from those together-shooting photos, Photoshop is the best solution to realize it.

Detach Human Body from photo with Photoshop
– To download and install Photoshop in your computer here:
– Full software for installation of Photoshop : Here
– A photo that needs detaching human body out of the background.
– For those photos with hair, refer to the post detach hair with Photoshopto detach hair contents.
Step 1: Open the photo with Photoshop.

Remove a Person From a Photo in Photoshop

Remove a Person From a Photo in Photoshop

Step 2: Use Quick Selection Tool (W) and make selected area around the human body that needs detaching.

Remove-a-Person From-a-Photo-in-Photoshop-image003

Remove-a-Person From-a-Photo-in-Photoshop-image004

Step 3: Right-mouseclick into the photo and choose Refine Edge.

Remove-a-Person From-a-Photo-in-Photoshop-image005

Step 4: When the box Refine Edge appears, adjust as in below picture:
Remove-a-Person From-a-Photo-in-Photoshop-image006

Remove-a-Person From-a-Photo-in-Photoshop-image007

Step 5: This is the most important step. Use Refine Radius Tool(E)to draw around the object to take remaining details like hair….
Remove-a-Person From-a-Photo-in-Photoshop-image008

Besides, you can use Erase Refinements Tool(E) to erase the selected excess areas
Remove-a-Person From-a-Photo-in-Photoshop-image009

Step 6: Go to Output in box Refine Edge, adjust as in picture and click OK for result.
Remove-a-Person From-a-Photo-in-Photoshop-image010

Here’s what we’ve got:
Remove-a-Person From-a-Photo-in-Photoshop-image011

Insert another background to make the photo more beautiful.
Remove-a-Person From-a-Photo-in-Photoshop-image012
We’ve finished detaching human body from the background with Photoshop, In this way, you can make your own unique, impressive photos. Besides, you can refer to below posts:

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