Summarize of some Dark Texture

By | August 3, 2017
photoshop texture

Just recently, a friend from Google+ asked me to help some Dark Texture, which was originally mistaken for a pattern. In fact, the Pattern and Texture used in Photoshop functioned quite similarly, I will write a tutorial later. Simply, I said that the Pattern is very small, and used to fill the background, while the Texture is big and used to apply pressure to the background. I collected more and post here to share with everyone some of this texture.

Actually, it has many textures, but I will update slowly so you are not shocked, because this form of texture is a bit horrible. So the first, I will summarize part 1. The Dark Texture is often used to make horror and deadly works. Here are some demo images I brought to the show only, the rest you download here (total of 37 textures).

photoshop texture

photoshop texture 4

photoshop texture 2

photoshop texture 1




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