How to Creat Matrix Text Effect in Photoshop CC

By | October 19, 2016

It seems that everybody got to know about the famous movie Matrix with amazing skills and effects. The blue text on a black magical background run seemed messy ,meaningless but brings a miraculous power. And Adobe Photoshop will help you create those magical words that matrix.
Is it hard to make these mysterious inscription ?
Follow the below article of to know how to create virtual text effects matrix using Photoshop software offline.


The matrix text effects in Photoshop.
Step 1 :
• Create a new page in Photoshop (Ctrl +N) with dimension of 500*800px, black background.
• Font Times New Roman
• Using the Type tool (T) to insert any inscription.
• We use Times New Roman font, bold mode, size 20pt and color#29dde0 to enter text: Betdownload.


Step 2: Select the text layer and go to Layer/Rasterize/Type. Then press Ctrl +J three times to create 4 the same layers.


Step 3: For Betdownload layer at the bottom, go to Filter/Blur/Motion Blur and set the Angle =0 , Distance=50.



Step 4 : For Betdownload copy layer, and go to Filter/Blur/Motion Blur but set Angle = 90, Distance=30 and decrease Opacity of layer to 50.


Step 5 : For layer 2 Betdownload copy, go to Filter/Other/Minium, select Radius=2, then go to Filter/Blur/Gaussian Blur and select Radius= 2, while reducing the layer opacity to 80.


Step 6 : For Betdownload copy layer 3(located on the top), go to Layer/Layer Style/Blending options ,click Color Overlay and change it into white .


The results we obtained are as follows:


The above article I has been introduced you how to create text effects using Photoshop software matrix, we will be glad if you like it and find it convenient with little chicks.
There are also a lot of tricks to create unique and eye-catching text effects by CS, you can track later in next articles.

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