How to change Photoshop CS6 language to English

By | August 27, 2014
Interface in Photoshop CS6

In this tutorial, I will show how to change Photoshop CS6 language to English. Adobe Photoshop CS6 provide some languages for user. In last post “How to install Photoshop CS6 trial version“. If you download Photoshop CS6 trial version in the Adobe website. You have many choice for using language you want.

Now, Adobe Photoshop CS6 have some packed languages : English—International, English — Universal, Japanese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, French — Canada, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese — Brazil, Spanish, Spanish—Latin America, Spanish — North America, Swedish, Czech, French — North Africa, Hungarian, Middle Eastern English Arabic, Middle Eastern English Hebrew, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean.

Example : If you want to use English language, but your photoshop is Swedish language. How to change Photoshop cs6 Swedish to English language ? Of courese, you don’t have to reinstall Photoshop CS6. My Photoshop CS6 have 2 languages : English and Swedish. I’m using Swedish language as default. I’ll change form Swedish to English for this tutorial. You can also practice for another languages.

Now, We go to main subject. How to change Photoshop CS6 language to English ?

Step 1 : Close Photoshop sofware (Important)

Step 2 : I go to Edit > Preferences > Interface

Interface in Photoshop CS6

Interface in Photoshop CS6

You will see that have only 1 language. How to change that ?

Language box in Photoshop CS6

Language box in Photoshop CS6

Step 3: Go to My Computer > C dirver > Program files > Adobe > Adobe Photoshop CS6 > Locales > en_US >Support Files.

You rename tw10428.dat to tw10428.dat.old. New dialog box is opened, you click yes

change tw10428.dat file in photoshop cs6

Change tw10428.dat file in Photoshop CS6

You’ll need to provide Administrator permmision to rename this file. Click continued

change language file

change language file

change photoshop language in photoshop cs6

Change Photoshop language in Photoshop CS6

Step 4: Open Photoshop CS6, You will see language is changed

english language in photoshop cs6

English language in Photoshop CS6

Thanks for your reading !

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130 thoughts on “How to change Photoshop CS6 language to English

  1. john

    bro u rock it’s amazing i thought it’s not gonna be changed thanks man ! 🙂

        1. Joel

          Hallo Hanna, i am using Adobe Photoshop CS Imageready, looks like an old version and being trying to change the language following your post but has not been successful. To begin with the locales folder contains only one file en-US.bak. Also there are two Locales folders, one is .UNE and the other is .bak. There is one Resource folder but does not contain the locale folder. I have tried a few of the .dat files but still the same. Any ideas.

          1. Joel

            By the way the programme is in Deutsch (German)

  2. Natanael

    I tried to change the language but my Photoshop only has one “pt-BR” folder ie, I d’not have folders of other languages. What do I do?
    (if you can leave a link where I can donwload the folder)

    Thank you

    1. Nick

      “pt-BR” is probably Brazilian-Portuguese.
      To change from Portuguese to English:
      “Go to My Computer > C dirver > Program files > Adobe > Adobe Photoshop CS6 > Locales > pt_BR >Support Files.
      You rename tw10428.dat to tw10428.dat.old. New dialog box is opened, you click yes”

      Basically the same procedure as described in the article, just the language folder is different.
      I tried this with Russian and it worked just fine. When you rename the file the language changes to ENGLISH!

      1. Can Elvan

        Really amazing!
        Nick’s advise on Tho Tran’s questions worked so good for my case from Turkish to English. Thank you..

  3. Tom

    You Rock Brother.
    My language problem got solved instantly.

    I am very glad to see your post here.

    Thanks for your great help.

  4. Filip

    I’m using PS6 on my macbook and there is only english language, but I want czech.
    It’s possible to change it or no?

    1. Bucentauro

      Yes it works for Mac too, just rename the file tw10428.dat to tw10428.dat.old.

  5. josephsilvestre.t

    I don’t find en_us so is that possible to download those files alone. please help me out. thank you.

  6. Adnan Khan

    Absolutely great !! Superb & magical way seems !! Overal Thanks 2 u !!

  7. Ganche/Serbia

    Quick but wonderfully efficient trick. Many thanks and god bless.

  8. sylvie scheffers

    This looks really fantastic!
    But I have to change mine from English into Dutch “Nederlands”
    Any suggestions?

  9. Alex Rey

    If possible, How can I change the language from english to spanish?

  10. Muhammad Umair

    Still some in that language but this is amazing love your work 🙂

  11. RaulMuroc

    Beautiful solution. Easy and works like a charm!

    Thank you.

  12. mcben

    thank yu so much… mine worked…
    i was doubting it in th first place since i did not have the english folder…
    i want to learn photoshop .. i love it…
    thank you once again

  13. lotfi

    what about cs6 on mac osx, it s in german and i want it in french

  14. avan

    WOW man that was aweson! can you please provide my serial number? pl help me out

    1. Tho Tran Post author

      You should buy serial number. I can’t share my serial number.

  15. keavin X-One

    OhHHhhh……………Thanks a lot man I LOVE YOU <3

  16. nethi

    i changed once and i used it…bt agin it changed to the originial language…nd im nt able to revert it to english!!!wht i shld do to change my cs6 language to english????

  17. Richman

    It only shows the nl_NL folder and there’s no en_US folder what should now?

  18. Beparvah

    Bro, u rockss,

    hw can i thnxx to u, m so exitd

    love u .

  19. Adobe Photoshop

    You can also rename the file from tw10428.dat to tw10428.dak and it will work!

    Thank you by the way!

  20. Josh

    how about japanese cs4 to english, does this work for cs4 too?

  21. AE

    OMG! Thank you Hyon Kim it worked. Thank you very much. I canged from danish to english. Really appreciate it, that you shared this amazing knowledge. God bless you. 😀

  22. John Heath

    The best and most straighforward tutorial I have ever followed. It worked perfectly. Thanks a million!
    John Heath

  23. Viki

    It didn’t work for me. I followed the steps very carefully, but no avail.

  24. Mikael Kindt

    Hej! Thanks for the tip. Is there any possibility two get both Swedish and English show up in settings? So I can change back and forth? Vänliga hälsningar Mikael

  25. Obaid Akhter

    Thank You For this amazing help you are such a good person on internet i ever find because 99% people write fake answer for this post

  26. Gladz

    Thank You So Much! Had a hard time changin the language, thanks to ur tutorial…

  27. ryan

    i can’t find tw10428.dat. even in program files i can’t find the photoshopcs6.. what should i do?

  28. ryan

    Can you give me where should i Download free photoshop cs6 because i need to do a job that use photoshop. please… thanks

  29. John

    Thank you for your great tip! It worked like a charm!

    By the way I didn’t have an en_US folder but a de_DE. So I changed the tw10428.dat that I found inside that folder and it worked.

  30. Pratyush Ranjan

    I have a better solution.

    Just change the .dat extension to .dak and voila !

    Your Welcome! 🙂

  31. Kokine26

    Thank you so so so much. It worked perfectly in less then 2 min. But you may tell that when you change the file name your computer may or may not ask you provide administrator permission. When I change the file name my computer did not ask me to provide administrator password. Don’t know why but it didn’t. I just changed the name and voila my photoshop is now in english. I am so happy loads and loads of thanks to you!!

  32. Kewuie Iyhrwe

    Mine says resource needed to load this language because mine only comes in chinese

  33. shaban ali

    Very very thanks to solve my problem I am really glad to you

  34. Nishie Nish

    I am just soooooo thankful, I have been stuck with this extended version for so long thinking it was not possible to change the language, thank you so much,

  35. Kurfa

    I was almost to uninstall it before I came to this page.
    Thank you it worked perfectly for me. u r cute

  36. Rara

    Wow. I felt like a cool little Hacker person doing that.
    Thank you!!!!

    Worked so well for me!

  37. Ahsan

    Thank you so much sir 🙂 ism really thankh ful to you for this post 🙂

  38. Amit

    Oh so cool I change PS6 Chinese to English. Love you Hanna Kim you are great.

  39. hani

    Hello Tho. very nice tutorial hank you i worked on my Photoshop. i will share your tutorial so my friends will get a benefit from that

  40. Brijendra

    you are awesome :=))))
    In my case it changed from “don’t know what?” to english..

  41. SuperDuper

    This is sooo amazing!! Thankyou very much solved my problem in 1 min I was trying to download language packs online. But this is awesome!!!! Thankyou!

  42. SuperDuper

    This is amazing! Solved my problem in minutes. I was trying to download language packs online. Awesome work!! Thank you!

  43. Dan Berglin

    I’m Swedish and I have one choice: Swedish 😐

    Why would *anyone* want to use Photoshop in Swedish?!

    The one who did that translation must have had an evil sarcastic laugh at every single translated word. He or Her must also have felt that feeling of doing the most important thing since that book about life guarding at the swimming Oluympics you wrote. Thank you!

    I’ve been a Photoshop professional for a few weeks, but I have also a few years of experience trying to find the Swedish exit button and google this page.

  44. elizer

    Hello mam its not working for me after i changed the leter tw10428.dat to tw10428.dat.old it show me nothing no respond from it how can i change it then

  45. Hazran

    Hi Hanna, I found this article useful especially for my clients who run my Photoshop cover action mockups even though it was written years back, and share this page link from my website under F.A.Q page. I hope you don’t mind.

    Again thanks for the great article.

    P/S: Step 1: Is it actually ‘Open” Photoshop software instead of “Close” Photoshop software. I’m confuse..

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  47. Jason

    I think you reversed step 1 and 2. I mean if you close photoshop, you can’t check the preferences.

  48. med

    this is a video explain how to change language to english


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