Create 3D Text in Photoshop CS 6

By | May 8, 2016

Text effects in Photoshop are varied depending on designers. This post recommends a beautiful 3D effect for your reference.

Firstly open Photoshop and create a new project, write the text that needs effect.

Step 1

It’s better to choose reasonable fonts, for example:
Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-001

Step 2: Choose Effect > 3D > Extrude & Bevel… Key in variables where was marked as below
Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-002

Step 3: Even when you’ve done 3D effect, you can turn characters to whatever Angle you like, as I did to below image. You just need to use Selection Tool (V) to turn the characters. Click onto a color and the 3D shade will automatically appear in different faces of the character.

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-003

Step 4:
Use similar technique to other characters. Use Palette Swatches to quickly select a lively color and attach to each character.

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-004

Step 5

Create depth of Field (surface of Object at long and short sights) by choosing Effect > Blur > Gaussian Blur…Key in variables as below and click OK. Warning: Make sure your characters will not have larger nor smaller scale after you attach Blur, ‘cause Blur does not allow scale even though you designed it in Adobe Illustrator.

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-005

Step 6

To create a wider range, you can give the characters an unique Blur Amount. Look thoroughly to feel Angle, Scale, Blur and the color of all factors in the whole text. Each character has its random quality. Scale is very different in terms of proposed distance. Once again, Blur strengthens the depth and the color of the text will be bright and not repeat for those standing side by side.

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-006

Step 7

Key in the rest of the clause. The font in use is Bickham Script. As you can see, this font is very different from the fonts in the word “Playful” above. This will make a range and an unique contrast between 2 words. Do the same with your layout.

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-007

Step 8

Use Rounded Rectangle Tool to draw a rectangular as in below image. Note: you can adjust the curve of the angle by holding the arrow up and down while drawing the rectangular.

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-008

Step 9

Fill the rectangular with 3 gradient points. The right side – almost all the green color will make a darker green color and thus form the frame for the rectangular.

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-009

Step 10

Move text onto background. To attach a gradient to text, you’ll firstly have to move it into drafts. Choose Type > Create Outlines. Now choose text and give a refined grey color to the while gradient.

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-010

Step 11

To make the text more like 3D, add an Inner Glow by choosing Effect > Stylize > Inner Glow… Select Screen, in Mode drop down. Key in Opacity around 75 and set up Bluras you like.
Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-011

Step 12

Now the character looks a bit round, we shall move on to next steps and add a Drop Shadow…Set up Mode to Multiply (to get shadow mixed uniquely with the background). Set up your Opacity down to around 20 and give it a Blur as you choose.

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-012Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-012

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-013

Step 14

We will upgrade the surface of each character by adding gradients. Make a copy of the character at first. Choose the copy and come to Object > Ungroup. Continue Ungroup object until you can choose the surface of the object.

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-014

Step 15

Choose the surface of the character and give it a red – black gradient.

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-015

Step 16

You can erase the remainings of the character that are not applied with gradient. Put the surface of the character above the characters with 3D effects attached thereto.

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-016

Step 17

Use similar techniques to make depth to other characters when needed. For places where characters are blurred, you can just apply Blur to that character surface. To see how much the character is blurred, double click on that effect in Appearance Palette.

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-017

Step 18

in this step, we will give into the background a random circle. Use Ellipse Tool (L)to draw an inner circle. In terms of the purpose of this guideline, we use a black circle, however yours can be white or any color you like. Drag the circle into Brushes Palette. Text boxes will be open in following steps …

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-018

Step 19

Choose New Scatter Brush and click OK …

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-018

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-019

Step 20

Choose size, space and random Scatter, drag small triangles to the sides of the slider in all 3 choices. This will make sure the circle is varied and does not repeat too much. Click OK.

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-020

Step 21

In Palette Brushes, choose brush the circle you’ve just made. Choose Paintbrush Tool (B) and draw a Line. Your Line will be repeated with a circle similar to the lower one. If your inner circles are not random as you expect, you just need to double click onto the circle in Brushes Palette to change parameters.

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-021

Step 22

Put the circles on their own layers behind the characters. Draw more Line as you wish or copy and paste other circles to set up a big circle systems.
Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-022

Step 23

Use Ellipse Tool to draw a circle and use a Radia filled with 3 gradient points. This way allows you to make an outstanding detail outside the circle to make it more realistic. Copy and Paste this circle some times in layout.

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-023

Step 24

You can make other Brush by using other shapes such as square, triangle and draft versions of each shape will bring back with many interesting things.
Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-024

Step 25

Use Pencil Tool (N) to draw some scattered shapes, it will function as moss or feral in characters.
when you draw with Pencil Tool, it will be a bit difficult to make the shape tight. The easiest way to tight such shapes is to hold Option button when you get near to the start point of the shape. The shape will be automatically tightened in this way.

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-025

Step 26

Add more shapes and give them a gradient from green to dark green.
Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-026

Step 27

To make a vine, you can just use a character, which belongs to Bickham Script font, instead. If your font does not have such replacement character, you can try using parts of other characters, like S. otherwise you will have to draw some twisted shapes, in the classical way… by using Wacom Tablet and Pen Tool.

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-027

Step 28

Make a leaf in the same way that you use to make moss shapes. You’ll get better results if you practise more

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-028

Step 29

To widen the surface of the leaf, give in an Inner Glow by choosing Effect > Stylize > Inner Glow…

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-030

Step 30

This is what our layout has till now.

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-030

Step 31

We’ll give the background a little movement by using Pen Tool (P) to draw a similar shape as below

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-031

Step 32

Copy this shape once or twice and adjust Opacity to reduce the surface of the image. Add more fragile, dim shapes to create swirling illusion.

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-032

Step 33

Use Rectangle Tool to draw a rectangular and give in 4 gradient points with white color at all ends.
Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-033

Step 34

Put gradient above the background and blur it. In Transparency Palette, set up the shape into Multiply, so that it’s mixed well with the background. Adjust Opacityas you like if you find it necessary.
Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-034

Final image

This is the image of the work we’ve made. You have completed the design of Vector 3D Text. Congratulations!

Create-3D-Text-in-Photoshop-CS 6-023

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