What is a bitmap image in Photoshop

By | August 3, 2014
creating bitmap image in photoshop-cs6

What is a bitmap image in Photoshop CS6. When we launch Photoshop CS6, We can create an image with fixed width and height size. That file are saved with PSD or BMP file. By this way, you can make a bitmap image. Computers use binary to store data, in which only bits of 0 and 1 are used. A bitmap is a map of bits.

If you want to understand how a bitmap image displays. Frist, you should know the computer display screen. The display is made by “small square” called pixel. Either the pixel will be black or white corresponding 1 or 0. Each pixel in the bitmap might have 16, 24, or 48 bits of information associated with it.

pixel in photoshop cs6

Pixel in photoshop cs6

When you make a bitmap image by Photoshop. You have to fill information for your image

creating bitmap image in photoshop-cs6

Creating bitmap image in Photoshop CS6

Because bitmap images are created pixel by pixel, they can be easily edited. Photoshop software allows you to add, delete, or change the color of individual pixels. But When you want to resize bigger image, the image will be broken or blured. To slove this problem, You can build image by vector imgae. I’ll post an article about vector image in the next post.

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