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How to make smooth skin quickly and simply by using Photoshop

By | February 26, 2017

Step 1: Open the image and press Ctrl + J to duplicate the layer Step 2: Go to Filter > Noise > Reduce Noise, adjust the parameters as shown below: Strength: to blur the image, should be increased to 10 Preserve Details: to adjust for blurred or vice versa Reduce Color Noise: to adjust the colors, depending on each image… Read More »

How to load and use brush in Photoshop

By | December 18, 2016

Brush in Photoshop is an available frame that we can choose the one we like and then paste it on our photo. There are many types of brush such as star, flower, car, tree,… Most of Photoshop beginner use brush frequently, because if we own nice brush, our work wil be near to success. Nonprofessional can be difficult… Read More »