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Photoshop CC Keyboard Shortcuts Hot key

By | September 1, 2015

Adobe Photoshop CC Keyboard Shortcuts use on the windows and Mac. Photoshop CC Provide many tools to edit photos. When you are a biginer, you can go to menu then click a tool. So, this work is lowly. How to edit photoshop in Photoshop CC quickly ? Using shorcuts is the answer for this question. In this tutorial… Read More »

Download Adobe Photoshop Cs 6 vs CC for Window 8

By | August 24, 2015

I will show how to download and install Adobe Photoshop CC & CS for windown 8. Win 8 is the newest version Windown. Adobe and Photoshop had a test when Adobe Photoshop is installed on Window 8. A good result, all versions CS 5, Cs 6 and Photoshop CC don’t have any issue when they run on Win… Read More »

How to blend sunshine color in Photoshop

By | April 23, 2015

In this post, I will guide you on how to blend sunshine color. Sometimes, we take a photo in a sunshine lacking environment or you just want to change the background for your photo. So, how to add some “sunshine” to the photo? I will give instructions on how to blend sunshine color. In the last post, I… Read More »

How to blend violet shine color in photoshop

By | April 20, 2015

In this article I will guide you how to blend the color of violet shine. Violet shine is a combination of two colors: violet and pink. Violet shine brings a youthful but classic style that is suitable for girls who love violet and pink. In the last articles I introduced you to use the basic tools of Photoshop.… Read More »

Photoshop CC trial version download free

By | November 5, 2014

How to download Photoshop CC trial version or full version free. In this tutorial, I will introduce to download Photoshop CC full version and trial free version. Some people think that photoshop CC can download easily, but a beginner photoshop meet a little difficulty. Photoshop CC is latest version of Adobe Photoshop. You can download Photoshop CC on… Read More »

How to install Photoshop CC

By | August 12, 2014

In this tutorial, I will talk about installation Photoshop CC. How to install photoshop cc. I will use Photoshop CC 2014 to make this tutorial. Phtoshop CC 2014 will be installed online. If you are a beginner Photoshop, you have to install this program. I think your can wonder which use Photoshop CC or Photoshop CS. Photoshop CS… Read More »

What is difference between Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC

By | July 14, 2014

What is difference between Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC is the popular question. Photoshop CC has almost functions of photoshop cs6. Photoshop CC is built by Creative Cloud. That means, When Photoshop has new upgrade functions, you can access to all the latest updates and future release. Photoshop CC help you to work on the internet, You can… Read More »