Changing Photoshop CS6’s Appearance via hot key

By | August 29, 2014

How to change the dark Interface color to light in Photoshop CS6 via shortcuts key. Photoshop CS6 have 4 color themes : darkest grey, dark grey, medium grey, and light gray. After install photoshop CS6, you launch photoshop CS6, the default color theme is darkest grey. I think that the darkest grey is comfortable with me. How to change the dark Interface color to light in Photoshop CS6 ?

If you don’t like darkest grey, you can change to light color. Or you’re using a light gray, you want to change Photoshop CS6’s Appearance from light to darkest color. You can change it easily. You can do step by step or using shortcut key ( hot key) to jump between another color themes.

Go to : EDIT menu > References > Interface > Appearance . Then, choosing a color theme you like

Changing Photoshop CS6 Appearance

Changing Photoshop CS6 Appearance

4 color theme in photoshop cs6

4 color theme in photoshop cs6

Hot key : just hold Shift+F2 key to move to lighter color theme, and Shift+F1 to move towards to darker themes on PC. On Mac, you may need to use function key along with these.

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