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Photoshop tutorials and tips for beginner to advanced people

How to make tattoo on body with Photoshop CS6

By | May 11, 2015
How to make tattoo on body with Photoshop Cs6

How to make tattoo on body with Photoshop Cs6. Today I will share a mini tutorial how to add tattoo effect on a person with Photoshop. In the last post “Making a tattoo with Photoshop“. I introduced make tattoo in Photoshop. But the last tutorial, I dont talk to “effect”. How to make tattoo effect on body ?… Read More »

Making a tattoo with Photoshop

By | May 6, 2015
Making a tattoo with Photoshop

How to make a tattoo on your body in Photohsop CS6 ? In this tutorial, I will guide you make a tattoo easyly in Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC. Nowadays, tattoo has become an art and it is getting greater when you can cover your body with tattoos by yourself in order to enhance the artistry in your… Read More »

Erasing complicated background picture in Photoshop

By | April 30, 2015
removing background with photoshop

I will show how to remove background and delete background an image in Photoshop. How can you erase the background picture with Photoshop or separate a subject from the image to get a separate image with an optional background picture. You may have joined your image to another background picture. In this article, I will use the image… Read More »

Instruction to quickly erasing background by Photoshop

By | April 28, 2015
remove an image background

How to remove an image background or transparent background in Photoshop. In this tutorial I will guide how to remove an image background in Photoshop. With Photoshop, there are many ways to erase a white or color background, even in complex background pictures. In previous versions, you can use tools of Extract, Mode, and Channel to erase background… Read More »

How to remove acne and smooth skin in Photoshop CS6

By | November 9, 2014
Make smooth skin photoshop cs6

How to smooth skin and remove pimples in Photoshop. You have a nice face photo. Unfortunately, some acnes or pimples on the face and you want to remove them. Ance common appear to be among young people. So that, ance is a cause of terrible photos. How to remove them ? Keep calm. In this tutorial, I will… Read More »

Patch tool in Photoshop CS6

By | November 7, 2014
How to use patch tool in photoshop cs6

How to use patch tool in photoshop cs6 ? Patch tool is the new tool in Photoshop CS6. Patch tool help you to remove unwanted image elements and give you the flexibility to choose the source area. Patch tool use usally in Photoshop CS6. Example, remove acne or pimple. In the next post I will write How to… Read More »

How to add watermark or logo in Photoshop

By | October 24, 2014
How to add watermark and logo in Photoshop

Sometimes We want to add watermark or logo to our multiple Photos. This work will help you protect your photos and not allow someone to copy. If you are one of the many designers, you use web to share your photos with client. One of the major concerns is that someone out there is going to steal your… Read More »

How to insert special symbols in Photoshop

By | October 23, 2014
select a character map

How to Insert Special Text Characters Symbols in Photoshop CS6. You want to type a special text character symbols but you can’t find where to add symbol to your document. Unfortunately, Photoshop CS6 don’t have symbols menu like world. It also don’t have special symbols on the keyboard. Sometimes you may want to insert special character or symbols… Read More »

How to undo more in Photoshop CS6

By | October 19, 2014
Undo vertical text in Photoshop CS6

How do I undo and revert more in Photoshop CS6, Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 6 is very forgiving. This software allow you to use many different ways to undo what you did. By default, You can undo twenty previous actions. Sometimes you want to redo more reapply effects you’ve cancelled. How to use the Multiple Undo Shortcut ?… Read More »

How to make vertical text in Photoshop CS6

By | September 23, 2014
Make a new document in photoshop cs6

In this tutorial I will show how to type vertical text in Photoshop CS6 and you can change from horizontal to vertical text in Photoshop. Sometime we want to design a billboard or advertisement and we need to use vertical text. How do it work ? I also make a video tutorial about this. Luckily, Photoshop gives us… Read More »